High content of organic matter


Uniform granulometry 2-5 mm


Full coverage of nutritional requirements

FERTECH® organic and organochemical fertilizers from FERTILIS TRADE

Advantages of organic matter


Ιmproving the efficiency of fertilization


Increased area yields and production quality


Minimizing losses


Scaling of inactive crops








Harmonization with plant requirements

FERTECH® product line of organic and organic-chemical fertilizers consists of 21 high-quality products. Discover them...


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growth rate

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The 21 unique FERTECH® fertilizers in granular form are available in bags of 25kg, 30kg and 40kg, fully covering the needs of Greek agriculture. Slow-release granular fertilizers contribute to crop yields, are stored easily and require fewer applications.
We cooperate with over 240 agricultural stores around Greece. Our partners are fully informed about our products in order to advise you properly. Please contact us directly to find out the partner stores in your area.
Plants that grow with organic soil improvers have a high nutritional value.The fruits of the trees have quality, excellent taste.

The organic matter protects the soil, the subsoil, the atmosphere and the growers themselves
Crop yields increase over time.
We create long-term relationships of cooperation, mutual respect and trust. Today we support over 240 local agricultural stores throughout Greece, with the possibility of delivery within 48 hours.
Our aim is to continuously expand our network of partners, in order to offer new points of sale, easily and directly to the producers.

To become our partner, contact us and one of our specialist agronomists will take care of meeting your needs.

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    Grains: Sowing season is starting soon

    FERTILIS TRADE suggests the appropriate FERTECH fertilizers for the proper preparation of the soil for wheat seed sowing.

    Successful experiment regarding the organic soil improver BIOL 555 in a cherry cultivation

    The organic soil conditioner BIOL 555, the crown jewel of FERTILIS TRADE, was used by E.L.G.O. DIMITRA in a two-year experiment in cherry cultivation.

    Continuous supply of the production chain

    FERTILIS trade taking all the necessary protection measures, keeps serving the market and the Greek producers with all the necessary fertilizers for their crops.